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We call for research papers related to the business, management and economics of the Olympic Games in general, the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games. Papers about Olympic media, legacy, tourism, eSport consumers, organizations, finance, economics, environment, Paralympics, Youth Olympic Games, politics and other Olympic-related topics are welcome. A special workshop will be offered about topics related to sport ethics and integrity. Every research related to the “Future of the Olympic and Paralympic Games” and to the field related to Agenda 2020+5 is in particular welcome and will be selected firsthand. The official language for abstracts and the symposium is English.


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The oral presentations will be 10 min max followed by Q&A in each session. This is an important part as we will have a symposium and not a conference only. Posters Boards/Space will be provided for all poster presenters to showcase their work during the symposium. Posters should be a portrait style (max. 91cm/3ft wide x 4ft/1.22m long).
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