The Symposium Spirit

The Greek symposium, dated back on 416 B.C., was a key social institution in ancient Hellenic culture and provided a platform for debate and celebration with others. This is also what we are striving for! Since 2006 it has become a tradition that Olympic scholars from all over the world come together for a symposium during the Olympic Games as well as other Olympic events to exchange thoughts, present their Olympic research and have a great time together. The next occasion will be Thursday, August 8th, 2024.

The Olympic Games are the most prestigious sport event in the world and provide extraordinary opportunities in regard to sports, social and cultural life as well as for the environment of the host city, region and country. The host must undertake tremendous efforts to not only fulfil the requirements for staging the Games, but also to maximize the economic, social, environmental, political, and structural benefits which come along with the event.

This demand will lead to a tremendous effort and in an ever-quicker change of the world solutions are needed to address the upcoming challenges by technology, climate change, growth of population. Hosting Olympic Games in France, an extremely developed country induces chances to think about solutions and looking into the future. Paris 2024 set the concept of the Games as: "Let's open the Games to all energies. It is also a dream, a dream shared by everyone who is building these Games. A Games, to reinforce the place of sport in our lives; to support the transformation of the territories, particularly in Seine-Saint-Denis. Ground-breaking Games, which imagine the world of tomorrow, testing, inventing, creating, and shaping solutions that will genuinely serve society. And which place youth at the heart of their action.”


The presenting time for each speaker is 10 minutes. After the presentation there will be 5 minutes to ask questions or discuss the topic.



Workshop I (morning): Sport Ethics and Integrity – and the Olympic Games:

We will discuss and present (brief oral presentations) the latest findings and ideas concerning sports ethics and the integrity of sports. Topics may include governance issues, match-fixing, sexual harassment, environmental harm, discrimination, etc., and they should, if possible, be related to the Olympic Movement or the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The DoctorAl Training Network in Sport Ethics and Integrity (DAiSI) (EU-funded MSCA DAiSI DTN) will be present for this workshop.


Workshop II (afternoon): Sustainability of Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We will discuss and deliver (concise oral presentations) certain findings from the Paris 2024 Supervisory Evaluation Committee on the social and economic impact, as well as the challenges associated with assessing the Games' impact and legacy. The Paris 2024 OCOG will be present for this workshop.


Workshop III (afternoon):"Brisbane 2032 - the Games in the future"

This workshop takes place in the afternoon. We will discuss and hear about the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane 2032 and their ideas how to change the Olympic Games.

The delivery partners for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032 have published Elevate 2042, a strategy that sets out how the organisers plan to make the most of their status as hosts to benefit the host cities and the wider Queensland region, both before and after the Games. It follows a year of community consultation resulting in more than 14,000 suggestions.

As detailed in both the Executive Summary and the full Strategy, Elevate 2042 has been shaped by the aims and ambitions of Olympic Agenda 2020+5, the strategic roadmap for the IOC and the wider Olympic Movement:

“We are planning for a new kind of Games legacy, one that responds to Olympic Agenda 2020+5,” reads the Strategy. “Central to this approach is the idea that the Games fit into the host city and region and not the other way around; and that their impact in the 10 years before and [the] decade after aligns with its future direction.”

“Better, sooner, together through sport”



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